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Thunder Report

For Wedsnday, August 26, 1998

Match #1

Wrath v. Scott Putski

Wrath finished this contest with a new, innovative move, . . . the meltdown. This move is obviously effective because it was a one, two, three. Wrath was the winner.

Stevie Ray Challenge

Stevie Ray explained that he joined because he owed Bischoff and Hogan a favor. It seems that the two bailed him and his bro out of trouble a couple years back and he never forgot it. He then went on to challenge DDP to a match and said that Hogan wanted his head on a plate.

Match #2
br>Mike Enos v. Bull Pain

Mike Enos puts Bull Pain on a fall away slam from the top turnbuckle. Easy 1-2-3. Mike Enos is the winner.

Match #3

The Cat v. Disco Inferno

Again, fast match, literally. 5 seconds, two kicks, and Disco is out. The Cat wins.

Match #4

Konnan v. Silverking

Konnan was the lone wolf tonight but was still bouty bouty and rowdy rowdy. Do I really have to tell who won? The real Wolfpack fans know. Arriba La Rasa! Konnan was very impressive after the match when nWo Hollywood came out. Rick Rude stated that all of them beating up on him at once would be too easy. He needed to pick one of them to fight. The Hollywood camp surrounded the ring, leaving Konnan nowhere to go with no one to help him. Konnan responded, daring all of them to enter to fight. When all of them did, Konnan slipped out of the ring. Oh la ley!!

DDP Interview

DDP answered Stevie Ray's challenge, of course in DDP fashion, and accepted the match for later that night.

Match #5

Evan Kourageous v. Kaz Hayashi

Who really cares out there? Hayashi wins the match.

Lodi's Challenge(Match #6)

Saturn starts to come out when he finds Lodi already in the ring. Lodi blamed Saturn for breaking his fingers and insisted that Raven was his friend. After a bit of taunting from Lodi, Saturn became interested in the match. Lodi gave some stipulations that if Saturn won, Lodi would leave the flock, but if he won, then Saturn would have to be his personal slave until Fall Brawl. Saturn agreed and and came out with an early punch. Of course Lodi was being thrown around like a rag doll when the flock came out to help him. He fought everyone off, including Raven. But, by suprise, Kanyon came and knocked Saturn out. Kanyon pulled Lodi over Saturn and Lodi won the match. Poor Saturn:(

Match #7

ScottNorton w/ Vincent v. Jim "The Anvil" Niedhart

Scott Norton totally dominated this match defeating Niedhart with a Jacknife Powerbomb.

Match #8

Chris Jericho v. Alex Wright

TV Title Match

These two fought long and hard but it was eventually Jericho with the Liontamer that did it. Of course the audience in Peoria, Il. didn't care because they hated them both.

Match #9

Curt Henning w/ Rick Rude v. Van Hammer

Can there be any doubt about who the winner of this match was going to be? With Rude on the outside, it's almost impossible to get a win on Henning. Henning took Van Hammer into the henningplex and it was all over.

Main Event

Stevie Ray v. DDP

These two were battling it out, going back and forth. Of course, like always, when DDP looked like he was going to win and put the diamond cutter on Stevie Ray, Vincent entered the ring and DDP put the diamond cutter on him. This lead to the DQ in favor of DDP, but it isn't over yet. The Giant then came out and Stevie Ray and the Giant started to pulverize DDP. Then the whole camp come out to join in the fun, but their plans were spoiled by one lone wolf. You got it, Konnan came in and saved DDP from utter destruction. Like I said before, Konnan was definately bouty bouty and rowdy rowdy tonight.

Written by Kelley Addis

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