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Nitro Report

from Chattanooga, Tennessee

The Next 24'' Pythons??

We await the arrival of the nWo black and white. The announcers keep telling us that we are going to get their reactions from Hogan's retirement annoucement. They reach the ring finally and Eric Bischoff introduces Big Poppa Pump as the "heir apparent". Oh god! Pump Daddy then says that he was appointed by Hogan as the new leader of the nWo black and white! He then goes on to say that Hall is going to get the crap beat out of him by the nWo and that he needs to get a partner to take on himself and Horace.

About Damn Time The Red and Black Attack Got Some Gold

It's Chris Jericho v. Konnan. All I have to say is HELL YEAH!! This is what I'm talking about. I think Bischoff is going in the right direction by having bigger names fight in the first hour. Get those audience members hooked through to the next two hours. It was a good back and forth match. Of course, this isn't the first time these two have met. They were also a part of a Mexican company before meeting up again in WCW. It's a really good match. Konnan wins this one with a face plant into the mat! Konnan is now the new TV champ. Lex Luger and Kevin Nash come out to celebrate with Konnan.

Ric Calls Out Bischoff!

Mene Gene introduces Ric Flair who comes out. He says that he has something to say to Bischoff. He names different wrestlers, including Ricky Steamboat, Sting, Lex Luger, Hall and Nash, and reminded Bischoff that those people got him where he is. He then CALLS HIM OUT and says that he wants to wrestle him now!

I'll Be Your Huckleberry??!

Hall comes out to the ring wearing an Outsiders t-shirt. He says that he is going to do everything alone. Then says since he doesn't have that many friends he'll take on both Big Poppa Pump and Horace. Hall is about to leave when Nash comes down the walkway. Nash says that he'll be his "huckleberry"? Well, that means that he'll be his tag partner! Oh Hell Yeah!!!

Raven and Kanyon v. The Armstrong Brothers

Raven pouts in his corner and almost looks like he's going to sleep. Raven is still in the corner when the bell rings. Of course, he throws a pity party and Kanyon tries to talk Raven out of it. Scott Armstrong then attacks Kanyon from behind. Raven finally gets up...and leaves the building. Kanyon looks on and is then put in a rollover and the Armstrong Brothers win it!

Aww, Bret Has A Groin Pull

Bret Hart comes out saying that he has a groin pull and that, unfortunately, he can't wrestle DDP. He then says that DDP was bribing wrestlers backstage to hurt him. DDP then shows up and says that he is obviously chicken. Hart says that if he'll give him a no disqualification match, then he'll wrestle. DDP agrees and now their match is a no DQ match.

Eddie Gurrereo v. Kidman

Kidman starts to overtake anything Eddie has for him. Eddie then takes control on the outside. The ref then gets knocked out by Eddie's legs being swung around by Kidman. Kidman starts to set up for the shooting star press when Juvi comes out. Kidman changes in mid air and kicks Juvi off the apron. Rey Mysterio, Jr. then comes up from behind and kicks Eddie in the back. Rey then gets the ref up and Kidman wins it. Rey and Kidman are then chased backstage by LWO members.

Dusty Rhodes Comes Back!

Bischoff comes out with Barry Windham. Bischoff then goes on this long speech about how the world needs a hero and all of that. He then calls out Malenko. Malenko comes out with Double A, Benoit, and Mongo. AA makes the comment to Malenko,"If you get the chance, smack him in the mouth." Funny, Double A, funny! Bischoff then announces that Malenko is going to wrestle Barry Windham and if Malenko wins, then Flair would be allowed to wrestle Bischoff. He then announces that Dusty Rhodes will be the special referee for Malenko's match. Obviously, a set up by Bischoff and Company.

Wrath v. Who Cares??

Wrath wins it with the meltdown in about five seconds flat!!

Saturn, Tisk Tisk, You Naughty Boy!!

The Cat with Sonny Onoo comes out and the Cat does his little schpiel and calls out someone from the back. Saturn, of course, comes out. The Cat says that a black belt protects the weak and so he's going to do Saturn a favor and leave the ring. Saturn then calls him chicken. The Cat replies by saying that if Saturn beats Sonny Onoo, then Saturn can have a match against the Cat. He agrees and starts to pound on Sonny Onoo. The Cat pulls the ref out of the ring right as the ref is about to count out Onoo. Glacier then comes in and knocks out Saturn. Onoo makes the cover but Saturn then kicks out. Saturn then DVD's Onoo and wins. The ref then finds an illegal object, a chain that Glacier planted on Saturn, and disqualifies Saturn.

It Is Now Official!!

We see Goldberg come out of his limo. He then comes down with security for the contract signing. Bam Bam, who bought a ring side ticket, is getting pissed because he thinks that he should be in Goldberg's place. Kevin Nash comes out with Lex and Konnan. He stares at Goldberg the whole time. Nash signs the contract and then taunts Goldberg, being his usual, cocky self(I LOVE it when he acts like that!!). Bam Bam then gets past security and jumps the guard rails to get at Goldberg. Security then takes him out of the arena and into the parking lot!

Booker T v. Mike Enos

There's really nothing to report on this one. Booker T wins it with the sidewalk slam.

Brian Adams v. Lex Luger

Lex totally dominates this match. Lex then knocks out the ref and Adams with his fore arm shot. Vincent comes in and distracts Lex while Adams goes outside and gets a chair. He then whacks Lex with the chair and then piledrives Lex into the chair. Adams wakes the ref up but Lex kicks out of the count. Vincent grabs the chair while Adams tries to shoot Lex into it, only to have it reversed on him. Adams almost gets thrown into the chair until Lex pushes him into it, throwing Vincent off the apron and gives Lex the perfect opportunity to put Adams into the rack. 1-2-3!

Looks Like Flair Will Get A Nice Christmas Present

Dean Malenko goes up against Barry Windham and they go at it. Windham works on Malenko's already damaged knee while Dusty just looks on. Finally, Dusty just rings the bell and raises MALENKO'S HAND!! Dusty set up Bischoff. Bischoff gets pissed and fires Dusty, who obviously doesn't care. Windham goes out to deal with Dusty and is then pounded on by all of the horsemen, including Flair. Flair runs into the ring, trying to get to Bischoff. Flair has one big christmas coming his way! WHHOOO!!!

Big Pappa Pump and Horace v. the Outsiders??

Hall comes out to no music and then waits on Nash, who comes out to the usual. The look that Nash gave Hall was priceless, which read as being a little bit of friction still between the two. Shiavone then makes the comment that WCW is forcing Bischoff to wrestle Flair at Starrcade. It's a very good match. Horace attacks Hall on the outside, bringing Nash over to save his "friend". Hall gets back in and eventually tags in Nash. Nash then cleans house. Hall puts Horace in the Outsider's Edge, knocking Horace out. Hall covers but the NWO ref that they have won't count it. Both Hall and Nash yell at him, and Nash, being fed up with it, puts the NWO ref in a jackknife powerbomb. Another ref comes in and counts, giving Hall and Nash the win. Nash just walks away, leaving Hall in the ring.

It Was The Big Fat Guy On The Grassy Nole!

We see Goldberg running like a shot out to the parking lot where Bam Bam has been taunting Goldberg to come out. They really go at it in the parking lot, behind cars and whatnot. Security finally breaks them up, but that doesn't last long. Goldberg SPEARS Bam Bam on the grassy nole.

We Have A New US Champ(Yippee, Hooray, and All Of That)

Bret Hart v. DDP, a no DQ match. Of course, Hart takes advantage of this fact and delivers a low blow. DDP then gives Bret Hart a figure four aournd the ring post. The Giant then comes out to save Hart. The Giant gives DDP a chokeslam. They wake DDP up and give him another. The ref can do nothing but count. Hart gets the sharpshooter on and wins. Hart is now the US champ.

A Message To Sting

Well, like I have said before, I am writing a special message to Sting every week until he comes back. Sting, if you see this, know that there are a lot of fans that desperately want to see you back. There was even a guy who was dressed up in full Sting costume that took your good buddy Lex Luger aback! Well, get back soon! All of us Stinger fans miss you. Wrestling just isn't the same without you.

By Stingette a.k.a.Kelley Addis

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