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World Wrestling Federation NEWS & RUMORS
- It is RUMORED that Sandman signed a 2 year deal with the WWF.
- Look out for Dan Severn and Owen Hart to take on Steve Blackman and Ken Shamrock next week on RAW.
- LiveWire got a 1.5 rating, and Superstars got a 2.1.
- Look out for The Edge to be the possible mystery partner of Sable during SummerSlam.
- Undertaker was on Off The Record yesterday, and the host, asked him: "What is the craziest story you have ever heard about in the ring?" Undertaker replied: "Well, I was in the ring wrestling Sycho Sid and I shot him into the ropes, powerslammed him. I then noticed a very peculiar, smell. What I believed happened is Ssycho Sid..... Crapped his pants, and he wasn't much of a fight after that."

- Piper will return to WCW next Monday on Nitro.
- Nitro Girls will be on the Regis and Cathy Lee show tomorrow.
- WCW Saturday Night got a 2.5 rating for the 8/15/98 show.
- The Warrior's segment drew a 6.4 yesterday, but after it was over, ratings dropped to 4.5