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Scott Hall

Real Name:  Scott Oliver Hall
Birthday:  October 20, 1959
Height:  6'8"
Weight:  287
Home Town: Chuluota, Florida
Aliases:  The Diamond Stud, Razor Ramon, The Bad Guy
Finishing Move:  Diamond Death Drop, Razor's Edge, Outsider's Drop
Major Titles Held:  WWF Intercontinental Champion(4), WCW World Tag Team
Champions(2), USWA
World Champion
Current Status:  Member of nWo Hollywood
Comments:  Hall Turned his back on the Wolfpac and long time boddie Kevin Nash and joined the nWo Hollywood was formerly aligned with The Outsiders w/Kevin Nash (nWo). He,
Nash, and Syxx
(Sean Waltman) formed the original Wolfpac.  Hall was the WWF's first 4 time
Intercontinental Champion.